ATSC/VSB/NTSC Digital Cable-Ready DTV Receiver

The BCM3520 is a Plug-and-Play DTV receiver with superior performance and integration capabilities for the cost-effective delivery of digital television programming to consumers.

The chip contains a digital receiver compatible with North American digital cable and digital terrestrial broadcast television standards. The receiver's unique system architecture can reliably receive, track and demodulate signals in the presence of interference and a wide range of varying multi-path channel conditions with the presence of noise.

The chip also contains an IF demodulator compatible with the NTSC video standard, and an on-chip audio decoder compatible with BTSC audio standard.

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  • Supports SDTV/HDTV and Provides Cable Plug-and-Play Capability.
  • Integrated VSB/QAM QAMLink® Receiver with Superior Signal Reception Performance
  • Integrated NTSC/PAL IF Demodulator and On-Chip BTSC Audio Decoder