High Definition Video Graphics UMA Subsystem and Mixer with DVI

The BCM7035 Advanced High Definition, Video-Graphics Subsystem supports the requirements of television and set-top box systems that require high definition or standard definition decoding of MPEG-2 streams with simultaneous high definition and standard definition outputs. For systems that require only standard-definition output, a reduced-memory mode substantially reduces the amount of memory needed for the video decompressions process. The video decoder also supports multiple stream standard definition decoding, providing both tiled video and PIP capability.

The BCM7035 graphics are based on Broadcom's advanced video/graphics technology that allows studio-quality text and graphics to be displayed on television-based systems. The graphics compositing engine allows for many windows of graphics and video to be layered with blending and antialiasing, creating high-quality, rich display capability.

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  • ATSC-compliant, all-format MP@HL MPEG-2 video dual decoder with personal video recording feature
  • Dolby Digital (AC-3)/MPEG multichannel audio decoder with SPDIF output
  • 24-bit HD component video input with mixer for embedded HDTV solutions