Multifunction Monolithic IC with AGPS, Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR, and Integrated FM Transceiver

The Broadcom BCM2075 is a cost-effective solution for portable devices such as mobile handsets, media players, and personal navigation devices that require Bluetooth®, GPS, and FM transceiver functionality. The BCM2075 is backward-compatible with Broadcom's BCM2049 Bluetooth + FM receiver + transmitter at the Bluetooth software layer.

The BCM2075 GPS sets new standards in power consumption and sensitivity. The receiver can track signals down to -162 dBm for unsurpassed performance in deep indoor and obstructed environments. The GPS core of the BCM2075 uses a host-based integration architecture that splits processing functions optimally between the BCM2075 and the CPU on the host system. Demands on the host CPU are minimal and no real-time requirements are imposed. The Broadcom GPS Location Library (GLL) software API gives designers access to the BCM2075's advanced capabilities, and provides a high-level interface to the BCM2075 that encapsulates all GPS-related functions to accelerate application development and achieve tight integration with host systems. This host software is compatible with the BCM4750, Broadcom's stand-alone AGPS solution, providing easy integration with and upgrades to existing platforms.

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  • AGPS Receiver with high sensitivity:
    -Acquisition down to -157 dBm with coarse time assistance
    -Satellite tracking down to -162 dBm for indoor and deep urban operation
  • Bluetooth complies with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR specification with on-chip integration of Class 1 power amplifier for extended range
  • Monolithic 65 nm CMOS with AGPS, Bluetooth HCI controller, and FM RX/TX integrated on a single die with PCB area requirement less than 50 mm²
  • Spurious-free simultaneous operation between AGPS, Bluetooth, and the FM transceiver