7-Port Automotive Ethernet Switch with Five Integrated PHYs

The BCM89501 is Broadcom's first fully integrated BroadR-Reach® multilayer switch to support automotive qualification (AECQ-100) for in-car networking applications.

The BCM8950x family of products are the optimal solution for key automotive designs that have high-performance yet challenging low-power requirements. Building upon industry-leading 65 nm architecture, the BCM8950x family of products supports multiple intuitive low-power modes as well as an automotive cable diagnostics feature.

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  • Enhanced architecture supports nonblocking, line-rate data transfer at wirespeed performance for all fame sizes over unshielded single-pair twisted cable
  • Integrated switch core has provisions for the integrated ARM® Cortex™ R4 processor and dedicated on-chip SRAM to send and receive frames
  • Processor subsystem able to support timing stack and AVB bridging support functions
  • Support for Deep Sleep and Ultra Low Power modes, which reduce power consumption to zero during periods of inactivity