Featured Product - BCM8322, BCM8324 and BCM8325

BCM8322, BCM8324 and BCM8325 CDRs

BCM8322, BCM8324 and BCM8325 Industry's Lowest Power Dual/Quad CDRs for High Density 10G Applications

The BCM8322, BCM8324 and BCM8325 low latency clock and data recovery (CDR) devices provide improved signal integrity while achieving the lowest power consumption in the industry. Each device provides integrated limiting amplifiers, ideal for high port count 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) applications and support re-timing for 8GbE fiber channel, OC-192, 10GbE, and OTU-2(e) rates.

Signal integrity is an issue that must be addressed by PCB designers in order to achieve the target bit error rate (BER), especially with long traces between the switch (or framer ASIC) and the optical module on the front panel. With the growing proliferation of 10GbE connectivity, port count densities will increase with the use of SFP+ modules on line-cards. Broadcom's latest CDR devices reset the jitter budget and enable longer printed circuit board (PCB) traces, compensating for transmission losses thereby increasing system signal integrity.

Products Highlights

  • The referenceless CDR solutions operate over a wide data range from 8.5Gbps to 11.4Gbops without the need for an input reference clock.
  • The high level of integration and low power of the dual CDR BCM8322 will enable the next generation of XFP modules and a new generation of re-timed SFP+ modules. The industry leading low power and jitter performance will enable sub-1W SFP+ modules that are SONET compliant.
  • The quad CDR BCM8324 and BCM8325 devices serve an important function in resolving signal integrity problems due to board layout on high density/multi-port 10GbE line-cards. Key features of the CDRs include the following:

    • Broadcom EyeOpener® technology, limiting amplifier and loss of signal detection.
    • Industry's lowest power consumption for CDR solutions at approximately 125mW and each CDR can be individually powered down.
    • Incorporates programmable Tx pre-emphasis on the transmit outputs and programmable Rx equalization on the receive inputs.

      • The combined Tx pre-emphasis and Rx equalization improves the overall reach and compensates for electrical imperfections associated with line traces and connectors on high port count line-cards.
  • Latency through the CDR/re-timer is less than 1ns.
  • Complies with Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF), IEEE 802.3ae, Telcordia®, ANSI, and ITU-T jitter standards.
  • Pin compatible with previous generation BCM8302/8304/8305 CDR solutions.

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